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go comets!

Grand Ledge High School


go comets!

Grand Ledge High School

go comets!

Grand Ledge High School

Coaching Information

Travel Youth Basketball


How can I sign up to volunteer?

  • You can sign up to volunteer coach while you are registering your child. There is a prompted question that will ask your name, email, phone number and t-shirt size (so we can order a coach's shirt for you)

Coaching Interviews:

  • Coaching interviews are conducted if there are more than one person from the same team requesting to coach.

Coaches Meeting & Training

Boy's & Girl's - Wednesday, November 2, 2022 @ GLHS Main Gym 6:30-8 pm

  • There will be a coaches meeting and training conducted by the GLHS basketball coaching staff and an athletic dept. representative. 
  • HS coaches staff will go over drills, plays and coaching strategies
  • Athletic staff will go over all the responsibilities required of the coach 
  • All coach's equipment will be handed out at this training

Sports Concussion Training

Head coaches and Assistant coaches must complete the Concussion In Sports Training

Here is how:

  • Go to this web site:
  • Click on: New to NFHS Learn? Register Now
  • Register to the web site
  • Submit Registration
  • After Registration is complete click on the following: Select Courses
  • Select: Concussion in sports What you need to know
  • Click: Order now
  • Click: I am ordering a course for myself
  • Click: Continue
  • Select State: Michigan and Save
  • Click: Checkout (you will notice this is free)
  • Click: Complete purchase

Follow the instructions to complete the course by clicking the HERE word that is outlined

  • Click begin
  • After completing course save and print your registration

Email one copy to and keep one copy with your roster and emergency forms

Michigan Sports Concussion Law