Comet Community Mourns the Loss of Heather Kleiman - Beloved GLHS Athletic Trainer

Updated on 10/22/2023

Long time GLHS Athletic Trainer Heather Kleiman passed away Monday, December 26th at a hospital in Green Bay. Heather was home for the holidays with her family in Escanaba when she became ill and was transferred to a Green Bay hospital where she passed away from complications related to blood clots. As the longest serving Athletic Trainer in Mid-Michigan, Heather’s dedication to our student athletes and coaching staff was unmatched.  This is a tremendous loss for our Grand Ledge school and community.

Heather has served as Comet Athletic Trainer since 2004, more than 18 years serving student athletes from Grand Ledge and Mid-Michigan. The impact on the lives of the students she cared for can not be measured. The ultimate professional, Heather was the calm and reassuring voice to both students and parents on the field and in the training room. She always put the best interest of student athletes at the heart of everything she did and was recognized locally as a leader in her profession. 

Heather always made the training room at GLHS a welcoming place for all to visit. Her fun sense of humor, honesty and expertise as an athletic trainer set her apart. Heather was the example of all the positive attributes of educational athletics and our students, coaches and community have been blessed to have such an incredible individual in such a vital position. 

We will never forget her.  Please keep Heather’s family in your thoughts and prayers. As we receive more information we will be sure to pass it on. 

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